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  3. I registered but didn't receive email confirmation

Hi registered about 2 hours ago and I didn't receive any confirmation email...

I assume you are a new player. Processing applications of new players can take a while, since a few nice lichess mods do some background checks for us.

Checking a second time, I don't see any registration for your username. Which league did you register for?

Ah it was a registration for LW. It hadn't been processed when you posted. There is also only 1 more week in the current season of LW, but you at least can get onto the slack and get acquainted with how the league works in the last week.

hey i registered about 2 days ago but didnt receive any emails.. why?

Probably best to contact us here about this:

still no email confirmation for league 4545...

I also registered a few days ago, asked via email and just filled out the form linkend by glbert above. Didn't receive the slack invite yet. Really hope I'm still able to get in for the league starting monday :)

me too

We're going over pending registrations and emails now, but if you aren't on the rosters at this point you are an alternate anyway and there is no hurry to "get in" by Monday. You should get 2-3 games during the season if you stay active as an alternate.

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