Having trouble understanding the process

Hello, everyone

I'd like to participate in the LoneWolf chess games.

I try to register myself in two different ways (I don't even know which one is the right one), but I can't finish the process:

1. The first way I try to register myself was by filling in a form and after I finish it a message says I will receive an email with the confirmation, but I never receive this email. Then...

2. I realized I had to send @chesster a link of my slack account (which I have already created), but when I try to do so by clicking the link with his name, I go to a page where I should log in, but I don't even have an account on lichess4545 and I don't even have the option of doing so...

That's why I'm telling you guys... I can't understand anything of this crazy process... :(

Would somebody help me?

You cannot do (2) without completing (1). The confirmation e-mail will contain an invitation to the lichess4545 slack.
But completing (1) can take some time for new players, since we have lichess mods do some background checks for us.

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