Round 3

idk if it's possible to mark down a loss for both players in challonge.

It also seems like people have lost interest in the tournament. I doubt we'll make it to 13 rounds.

I think we have learned from this experience. The next Ultrabullet Championship will be more rating restricted (1800+) and we'll put out the word ahead of time. We'll also be more strict on the deadlines. Also, Challonge may not be the best format. Thanks! (Checkers: I'd like you to take the lead in this next project. I do not have a whole lot of time.) Interested in helping Checkers and I out, anybody?

I think 13 rounds is a little bit too much and the new rating restriction might be alright assuming there is no inflation soon (for example, penguin becoming 2700 and others 2600). If the Ultra Champ is similar to the Bullet Champ (run by Arka50) except with more strict deadlines, I think it will be a success.