New! Ultrabullet titles

We are creating the Ultrabullet S-GM, GM, IM, FM, and LM titles. How they work:

US-GM: Winner of at least 15 "important" ultrabullet tournaments that hold at least 25 participants; winner of at least 5 "super" tournaments, with at least 50 participants; rating above 2300; more than 3000 ultrabullet games played.

UGM: Winner of at least 1 super tournament; winner of at least 5 important ultrabullet tournaments; comes in podium at least 7 times in important tournaments; rated at least 2100; at least 2000 games of ultrabullet played.

UIM: Winner of at least 2 important tournaments; comes in top 5 at least 5 times; top 10 at least 10 times; rated at least 1950; at least 1500 games of ultrabullet games played.

UFM: Winner of at least 1 important tournament; top 5 3 times; top ten 7 times; rated at least 1800; 1000 games of ultrabullet played.

ULM: At least 10000 games played. Be in tournaments often! Be active in the chat. You do not get the LM title, it gets to you. More active usually wins. There will not be a lot of LMs. First LMs: Vajk, ASONINYA

You may request any title but the LM here in this thread and by private message. Thanks! I have the UGM title by the way. Titles available ONLY by application except for obvious cases (penguingim1). I hope you qualify!

What abot UCM (UltraBullet Candidate Master)?

@Aks_Oks No need; there aren't enough ultrabullet players to pursue a UCM idea. 1800's a good minimum, and people below 1800 don't deserve a title. :)

If i get 2200 ultra, will i get a title after winning some tournaments?