Lichess Ultrabullet Championship: DATE, FORMAT & NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS

The date will be decided on when enough participants have joined. This tournament will take a long time, consisting of the Qualifiers, Groups, Candidates, and Knockout. (each round is a week long, consisting of a best of 7 games match between two players, [the lower-rated player getting 4 whites] then if there is a tie in the knockout stage, there will be an extra best of 5 match with a coin flip for the three whites, and the three-blacks player gets draw odds). If not enough entries are made, we skip the Candidates stage and reduce the entry to 512 players. If the total entries are not a power of 2, then an additional Swiss-system tournament with 1 game per round will be held. Thanks for your registration and your patience, as the summer is our expected start time. Depending on the number of total vacations, we may offer a 1-time bye week for anytime a player desires in the Qualifiers, Groups, and possibly Candidates stages. Any other updates will be announced in this thread by myself and the Board, consisting at the time of writing of: Lance5500, penguingim1, meneermandje, idh82bu, and zanbato. (because I may only create 1 team a week, I will create the Board team with my alternate account, @enfor450.)

draw odds is unfair in my opinion. what if ur opponent is within the 200 point range? the ratings fluctuate so much its hard to tell real strength cuz top seeds rarely play each other.

Hi !

I have only one question about the rules : must the games be rated (for each match) ?

Thanks by advance.

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