Rules and Regulations( For team members and Leaders)

Ok everyone if u want to be leaders then follow these rules:
(applicable for both current leaders and also upcoming leaders)

1. DO NOT change team description or kick out members without my permission.
2. DO NOT organize tournaments without my permission.
3. DO NOT boast your playing skills , be modest .
4. DO NOT speak rudely to any member.
5. Always speak well and never ever insult or make fun of anyone.
6. Be active at least once in one day.
7. Send messages of upcoming tournaments , do not overdo it (sending many messages)
8. At least take part in 4 tournaments in a week .
9. Any request may be asked to only the main leader.
10. If anyone is disturbing you , at once say that to the main leader and also why.
11.If u are demoted, then do not leave or insult the leader. The leaders chosen will improve our team.
12. Every month there will be at least one tournament , where if u win, you will be made leader.
13. If u add 10 - 20 members you will be made leader for 4 weeks (1 month)
15. If anyone breaks these rules (more than 5) then u will be blocked by ALL members for 4 to 7 days

All rules and regulations are made by @Tigerstar25

NO blackamailing to be made leader.
NO boasting , be modest.
NO use of slangs.

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