Week 3 of the 3rd Lichess Bots Championship

Week 3 of the 3rd Lichess Bots Championship (30 August - 5 September UTC):
@NoobPwnFTW - @AttackingOrDefending
@high_five - @JeffIO
@VishyNotAnand_TheBot - @FlamingDragon_9000
@Q-HEAVY - @combuskengine
@fougade - @RavenEngine
@StockfishLevel10 - @mrohBOT
@Omega-3 - @Vetinari_Computer
@LeelaFish1 - @squared-chess
@ChessChildren - @sunfish_rs

Byes: @ZerMixalot, @MicahMoore, @LeelaChessTest, @Twenty-FirstCentury, @Cheng-4, @Phalanx-XXV, and @BOT369
If your bot has a bye, that means it will have its next opponent in week 4 (6 September - 12 September UTC).

It was surprising to see how many participants didn't play their matches in week 2. Please contact your opponent as soon as possible (to make that less likely), the rules can be found at

After your first loss, you're not immediately eliminated, so keep an eye on the Lichess Bots Championship Forum. Ajile will also inform you about future rounds. If you have any questions, please ask them in the Lichess Bots Championship Forum or send a message to @Ajile. Results can be posted here by the participants and Ajile. Ajile will add the results to

Have fun and good luck!

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