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I think videos are great methods to improve your game. Huge aspect is recognizing tactics and patterns and after some time, those come naturally.

"still don't get it all what's about controlling squares, creating jumping points, and all other strategies."

Clear plan is key point. Sometimes it comes also on the go. I have very good example here: Too bad my opponent had connection problems, since it was nice position but lets see this.

-Material is equal but I am +1.5, this is because he missed a clear tactic I executed in few moves.
-10. Nd4 is just waste of time. Look at that nice d4 square
-11. Bg5 followed by h6, its like he does not know why I did it in first place.
-Trade everything and my knight is forever on d5

-g3, f4 and just look at his bishop vs my knight. I am breaking through and winning after 11. moves.

I still had plenty of time to lose but at least I could have found some consolation on wp opening. +1.5 is huge advantage!

Hey all! I'm glad to be part of the team.

I've been a chesstempo member for quite a while, going back to 2012, but have been inconsistent about doing puzzles regularly.

Starting on May 12, I've made it my goal to do 50 puzzles a day on the Blitz setting. These should generally be easy -- each takes less than a minute to solve, sometimes only 10 seconds, so in all it's about an hour a day.

I've only missed this goal twice since then -- I did 10 puzzles one day and 25 another day. In general, my accuracy is good, 90% or better.

My puzzle rating there has been trending up -- my big problem is I'm not very fast, and even if I get the puzzle right, if I'm not fast enough I lose points. I don't worry too much about the day-to-day rating, and try to focus more on getting the right solution than getting it quickly.

Suggestions for the Summer Marathon 2019!

1. Play 8+0 or 10+0 rapid games.
2. Solve lots of tactics and memorize the patterns for certain types of positions. A good site to solve them as quickly as you can:
3. Learn 4 openings as deeply as you can (more variations, the better!).
4. Try playing sharp games as they might get you more wins. Your opponents are more likely to be tired so they might not find the best moves.
5. Get some adequate sleep before playing and take breaks of 5-10 mins while playing.

Gl & Hf there!
Thanks for reading! :)

I've gained several Marathon trophies for top 100 and top 50 in the past.
My suggestions :
*) Get enough food and drinks at home before the marathon starts but don't eat too much during the Marathon, as during and after e.g. dinner blood will flow towards your stomach while you need blood in your head for chess :) Small "snacks" might be useful.
*) Start playing and play yourself in the top 100, then go to sleep for some hours, and after waking up play yourself into the top 100 again.
*) Enjoy the good moments, don't play just for yourself in a tunnel vision way. Every now and then check the top 10, the tourney chat, check the amount of players playing, and enjoy your good chess moments (don't hang on to your bad moments and losses, as there is plenty of time for a new game) and the fact that you are part of a huge, exciting and vivid event.

So ... even if you don't manage to get a trophy I hope you will have a joyful 24 hours !

hey , are you guys still keeping the 25 puzzles daily thing going ?

My stats on chesstempo this month :



@shuouma i only had two days in June where I didn’t finish all 50 of my tactics puzzles for the day. So...still going strong, I have a new personal record for my blitz puzzle rating, ~1617? My next goal to get in the top 50% of active players on chesstempo....right now I’m in the top 60%.

I've done my extra share today apart from my usual daily puzzle solving :-)
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