Tools For Improvements

* In this thread we share ideas, methods , tools and such to help up improve our general chess play, feel free to share yours.


Hi everyone,

We recently had the idea that we would start a "tactics accountability group." The idea is that if you participate, you have to correctly solve 30 tactics per day, aiming to solve with 75% or better accuracy. Then we check each other's profiles to make sure everyone is keeping up the work to improve! If someone doesn't get their 30 tactics done, then everyone else yells at them in the chat or on messenger to get their work done :D

So far, the list of participants is:


If you want to participate you can respond here, or message me.

@sharkema sharkyyyyyyyyyyyyy kool idea im innnnnn :D but if i break my laptop you will have to get me a new one lol

@sharkema That is a great idea, although it seems flawed in that some people will have 2000 level tactics and others will have 1600 level tactics. Also, I would not particularly be inspired to go to everyone's profiles with the motive of possibly yelling at them (lol). I will stay out of it for now, might join it later if it goes well.

A great way for general chess improvement is . @runtilmorrow and I use it (he is KingBoo there), and it has many great features on it. We could do competitions for who gets the highest Countdown score or something.

I'd be in, but it's reallyyy hard to solve 30 tactics accurately per day at my level :D.
I like the idea of doing competitions on (i do countdown daily).

I should do 30 tactics a day as that’s a very weak part of my game but just playing is more fun :) but ok I’m in

Ok so I’ve done 32 this morning but only 17 of them correct. Do I keep going till I have 30 correct or am I kicked out of the challenge due to my non 75 percent performance?

If you are serious about improving your tactics then the Lichess tactics and web options, while great and fun, are sub optimal. is perfect for training tactics because it can show you variations of the solutions, has comments (the comments there have been very useful for me in the past since players can insert a chess diagram in comments), has tactic motif tagging, has puzzle starring.
Checking the solution is very minimal with Lichess and The point of doing tactic puzzles is to improve your pattern recognision but also understand what is happening.
And wanting to do tactics real fast might be fun and good for adrenaline level chess, but it is likely making you gamble, guess or even develop superficial candidate moves pondering in some positions. In real otb chess games you can also gamble, but it is better to be able to calculate well, and to evaluate well, and then make your move, unless a schwindle is the only option to not lose the game right away.
A GM like Nakamura can do speed runs without problems because he's already a GM. If you are an amateur player and say U1800 otb one should in my opinion avoid playing a lot of bullet, and also go slow with tactic puzzles. Think twice before you decide to copy behavior of a titled player for real chess improvement.
I think it is better to do e.g. max 10 to 15 puzzles per day and go rather slow (but not too slow like 2 hours for 1 puzzle) with it.
Let's say that you want to spend max. 5 minutes on one puzzle, then with 10 puzzle you would spend max. 50 minutes, almost one hour per day.

See e.g. here for more on pattern recognision

Here some examples with screenshots (uploads expires in 180 days) :

Just my 2 cents :)

what?!... 30 tactics a day!!!
I dont think my wife would approve on that.
But anyways... i'm in!

@achja i totally agree with you and you are 100% right from your point of view !