The Perfect Games

There is one game from me that I played today in the evening .It is short story behind this game.I played a game with this opponent with black pieces and I lost due stupid mouse slip (I played Rgf6 instead Rge6 an I lost a rook on e8)So I was motivated to win this game with white pieces : And I think it was quite beautiful game in Exchange French.

Nice game ,especially move like Qc8 from player above 1700 rating is always welcome but I know it is 3+0 ,so nice preparation.

A literally perfect game between me and @runtilmorrow in the recent KATG Sunday classical tournament.
Definitely was in for a tough one since its probably the 3rd time I've played against the hyper-accelerated dragon. And the fact that he is a damn strong player made this game even better.
Come to think of it, it was near perfect play from both of us.
So yea, on an overall I was quite happy with this one!

Umm... okay what the hell !!!
I mean it wasn't a tough game but how the hell is this the third game from the same tourney that is perfect...
Man, I'm Awesome !!!