The Perfect Games

Hola friends! Here's my OTB game this week. The engine gives me 1-0-0 and an average CPL of 10. Buzzing I am. I played really fast too, my opponent was down to 8 minutes when he resigned, i was still sitting at 1hr 12 minutes. (90+30)

So I'm coming back to chess after quite a long time, felt good after this game.

Got into a bit of a tangle due to t the 3 innacs, but overall satisfying win.


Frankenstein-Dracula Variation Bullet Arena
I played a nice Thematic Tournament 1+0 where a GM and Kingscrusher were in.
After a few strange games and curios victories I was already on #5 between all the 2000 and 2300.
Finally they started to show me that this is not the level where I belong with my 1400.
I played there for my first time in life a GM! first I played ok - then I saw few visitors watching - and then it was over when I saw the GM - became so nervous :)
I ended #25 in front of many many much higher for the next few pages!
But the perfect game I made was against a 2053 :D
I don't know why there is no Computer Request available ;)