The Perfect Games

This thread is about sharing games that are near perfect engine one. with 0 mistakes, 0 blunders and minimum inaccuracies and ACL.

Thank You.

How did I pull this off ??!!

I just played the most natural moves for me... didnt expect it to be that damn accurate...

I mean I know its a miniature, but the highlight for me wa c3... I just played a waiting move to see what he would do and wanted to stop the knights movements... happy to have found it though

I dunno how I can bookmark these kind of games for later. Can I even search my own games with mininmum ACP? Perhaps no. This is only one that I have in store since I got aggressively accused by opp via PM.

But its a nice game anyway

This game has a fun story behind it , i posted this game in @achja team forum where i was discussing with another member there about the caro kann defense system against c4 , i was totally unaware that this was the Perfect game until achja replied in the comment and told me about it lol so happy that he did now i can post it here and feel proud of myself :D
kazamaza+17 , 5 Inaccuracies 0 Mistakes 0 Blunders 12 Average centipawn loss

My form has been a bit rocky recently. Nice to see it come back to some extent with this game. Again, The highlight of the game for me was the move you can see on display. Was pleased to find this move.
Still, I was no where close to how I play at my best. But yet...