Monthly Brilliancy Award

Hey gang! I would like to announce the winner of the Monthly Brilliancy Award of October 2019: @ChuckmateNorris !! Congrats!

Here's the game:

Very accurate game from @ChuckmateNorris (only 1 innacuracy!) and a wonderful tactic to win the game against to defeat a 2000+ opponent (me :D).

Please keep in mind that only classical and rapid games are considered for the Monthly Brilliancy Award.

Congrats to the winner again and keep playing awesome chess Gang!

Hey guys, I played this awesome game in the Leningrad Dutch today and to my great surprise, Blowfish didn't flag any bad moves on my behalf, neither inaccuracies nor worse. So feel free to browse through :)

And yes, I was black :)

I can't even express how much I hate the Sicilian. I took an oath never to play it. It just felt so right when my opponent resigned. Now I venture into the D4 openings and my QGA got annihilated. Anyone up for some practice?