Monthly Brilliancy Award

Reasons as to why I should win this month's award:

Rapid rating: Increase from 1951- 2041 (FINALLY BREAKING 2000) (PEAK)
Classical Rating: Up to 1992 (PEAK)
3-check: Increased to 2070 (PEAK) and currently #36 in the rankings - earning a trophy; also finished #11 in the shield

Antichess: Rating increase to 2179; earning a top 50 trophy; #3 in the shield (RAPID MONTHLY); one of the many tournaments where I had a performance of 2000+

September brilliancy:
Classical exchange french against KTP - 1 inaccuracy the whole 64 moves
i made it to +8 without a mistake from his side

No fireworks here, but a brilliant clear game from the start till the end