Monthly Brilliancy Award

* Monthly Beauty Competition Brilliancy award.

- In this thread we collect your brilliant games for each month and we make voting polls to announce the winner.

- Prizes.

1 - A video of your game that will be shown on my YouTube chess channel.
2 - Your game will be on lichess Daily Chess News that i write them personally in the general discussion forum.

- Entry Conditions

1 - Already a member of KATG.
2 - Rapid or Classical time format Only !!!
4 - One game only from your choice.
3 - Each month one need a different game from the previously posted one.
4 - The game strictly should be played here on , imported games from other website are not accepted.

Thank You.

@chessguy1010 as it is mentioned in the description, this is a monthly competition not just for this or one month , its doesnt matter if its already posted in the perfect game you can still chose it to enter the competition.