Member Of The Month

Very good job schemato gg in our game and Ps i will never get a badge

The motm award for september 2019 goes to @jonnnyboy2000 for his great achievements otb, his
increasing ratings here on lichess and his powerful presence in our tourneys and battles against
other teams.
You're truly a fighter jonnny and always ready when it counts, the team is proud of you!
Thank you very much again @artian12 for making these great trophies:

Wow guys thank you very much , each one of you , it is a big honor and I didn't expect it at all !! I will keep trying my best for the team :)))

@jonnnyboy2000 Congratulation!
And thanks to all of you KATG-Members doing so much more then just playing chess.
And don't worry - some month we have not so much time some others KATG is totally on fire - that's all ok, we always know we are all still here.
Let's see what Winter will bring - I'm sure there will be many nice chess-evenings with the Team.
Have a nice sunday and see you all soon.