Member Of The Month

* Each month we pick a winner for the Member Of The Month award, based on factors such as achievements, improvements and contribution to KATG.


August member of the month award .

* In behalf of KATG i would like to congratulate @Schemato for winning the MOTM award.
The achievements are countless such as winning weekly classical , daily arenas and tourney in both KATG and lichess and improved ratings in all areas

* Another award goes to FM Schemato is the hero badge as an appreciation to your constant contributions in KATG and lichess in general , by helping us and everyone to improve , inspire us with your games that you post regularly in our forum and never hesitate to answer our questions
thank you so much FM Schemato for all your efforts with us , its a privilege and total pleasure to have such a quality master and amazing person like you with us . congratulation for the well deserved awards and wish you more success in the future .


Whoa, thank you legendary @kazamaza and @CrystalEdge , it's an honor and I am flattered. Thank you and everyone in KATG for providing this great team and creating an atmosphere of friendship, love for the game and improvement spirit. I'm sure that the most worthy recipient of this award is @kazamaza himself, each and every month.

My favorite player to watch and learn of his games.

You deserve it !! You are very nice and very talented player !! Congratulations!! Good luck on your chess life

Wowowowwo... Schemato congratulations🎉🎊🎉🎊.. Continue the streak.... 😂😂😂

@Schemato We have some technical errors with our awards threads ( it's been archived thus can't be open, till we fix this issue sson !) i would like to share here your Special designed Hero Badge. Hope you like it as a humble appreciation to your greatness, lots of love and respect to you dear FM Schemato the honor is all ours !!!

PS: Every little detail in this special designed hero is made from scratch the shape. stand, skin. clothing, eyes, eyebrows, nose, scars, lips, mask, hair, colors , animal , weapon , armor , coat , wings, boots, auro beneath it , belt, gloves, armor,
background ... this is how imagine you at least lol cheers ^^ <3

Thank you all for the kind words and again special thanks to @kazamaza, what a great badge! You are a genius, this is exactly how I picture myself, and I'm sure the same is true of my cat :D