KATG Official Meeting Summit. (20/10/2019)

* In order to make KATG tasks simpler and to let our member be more involved we decided to group all our officials into one category " Board Members" , below is the a list of KATG Officials

@rookceps : Vice President.
@KingThisPawn , @orsito , @risky-chess , @clousems , @Artian12 , @Artian12, @sprocketAce.

* Tasks that are handled for board members are ,creating daily tourneys, Classical Sunday, Team Battles, Maintaining team the forum, Fighting spammers and cheaters, creating variants tourneys , deciding and making monthly trophies and managing our discord server.

PS : @rookceps as vice president is the only one who can take charge of KATG when and if im gone @sprocketAce is the responsible of our discord server and @Artian12 is responsible of making monthly trophies and @clousems " Guardian of KATG Forum " and KATG #1 Joker :D is the one who maintain our forum all the rest can share any other task mentioned above .

#legendary kazamaza.

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