KATG Champions League Tourney !

Also, what? Toast is Andromeda now? wow.

but the koolest part of this page 12 is the game between Unicorn99 and Toast:
B00 Nimzowitch Defense: Kennedy Variation, Linksspringer Variation

thats not an Aprils fool joke, is it?

LINKSSPRINGER VARIATION!!! what a koolest of a name! (its german for our friend who dont understand german: = leftknight var.)

gl and please end this tourney soon so that i can join the new one ;-)

Yup, I forgot the password to Resquetoast, so now my name is this random generated word, but Andromeda was taken by someone who only played one game 7 years ago and it TRIGGERS ME, so now I'm THEREAL andromeda lmao

Yeah ikr, it looks like a lot of the groups are ded, and especially group F, only 2 games have been played...

Also, players like Aritrochess, runtilmorrow, and Chuckmatenorris seem to have quit or something...

As I have posted we are waiting for 3 more games to be done , I have contacted the players and they seem to have scheduling difficulties , If they are not done in a couple weeks max then we will proceed without those games !

Yesterday was the last chance for the one that didnt play their games, today anyone who didnt play their games will be disqualified , we need to continue to the next stage
@jonnnyboy2000 please take care of this matter and lets move on
thank you

So everyone after a lot of waiting some decisions have been made and we proceed to the next stage ! Some announcements though , 4 more people will be left out of the next stage : @CreativeThinking @fleshlumpeater51 @Starlite and myself ! Both me and kaza have contacted in order for you to finish your games and Im sorry guys but u didnt in a period of about a month , also starlite didnt answer at my messages or Carschi's messages so Carschi still stays on and proceeds , in order for 16 players to be left and in a decision to take a small break after my otb tournament I decided to stay out for this one and I hope you guys accept that . I have made the matches for the next stage according to perfomance at group stage and also mixed up the groups a bit so they won't meet up the players from the same group in the first 2 matches .
Here is the link : Pay attention you will play knockout matches ,not adding time , not accepting moves back ( except of obvious mouseslips ) and with the colours that you are assigned . Please finish those matches faster than group stage we don't want the tournament to last forever and once you finish a match you send the link of the game to me ! Good luck to everyone and have fun ! I will put as many as I can tagged here so you can see the post and please share to others if you think they will miss it !
@Artian12 @kazamaza @KingThisPawn @sharkema @schittering06 @sshh @TheRealAndromeda @aerythod @Unicorn99 @bewarethecat @nikzal @pawner85729 @snaketehan @slothie @CrystalEdge

@jonnnyboy2000 thank you for your dedication trying to work this out, we shall proceed from here accordingly at you convenience,