KATG Champions League Tourney !

Hello everyone ! We announce our second online classical tournament and we would like all of you to participate .
First of all , the tourney format will be different from the last one , first there will be a group stage (where everyone plays each other with black and white ) and the 2 first from each group will pass to second round which it will be an elimination round by 1 game . The time format is still debatable from 15+15 to 30+15 , lets us know what works for most of you .

The ones that want to participate please take into consideration that you have to play at least 2 or 3 games each week so that the tournament wont last forever , anyone who can do that and wants to participate send me a text so I will write you down .

Last but not least , anyone who has any questions or any suggestions please answer to this post and we will talk about it .
Thank you for you time , have a nice day !

sounds good I would like to play. my vote would be 15 15

Just a reminder for everyone , the ones who are sure they want in send me a private message so I will write you down .