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  3. Chess variants event coming in the summer!

In summer there is coming chess event in variants which will be organised by me.For the best experience i let for all the members of this team to choose, which variant they like at most.This is not standard chess tournament,but variants one,so make sure you do not vote for rapid :)

So you all can choose and do vote between Crazyhouse,Chess 960,King of the hill,Three check,Antichess,Atomic,Horde and Racing kings variants.

From the exact same player only 1 vote is allowed.It means you can vote only for 1 specific variant and you cannot do multiple votes.

Date,time,time control,tournament duration will be decided later in another forum thread i will create quite soon.Meanwhile vote for your favored chess variant,everyone!I will accept only first 100 thread replies and closing this thread on 20th April.In case of tiebreak between favored variants (equal number of votes) there will be done a secondary vote,including the best favored variant/s.


Crazy house! It is by far the best variant

I vote for 960.

Antichess :p


I vote for 960!!!! :):):):) Hello KATG members :D

My top vote: King of the Hill

Acceptable: Chess960, Racing Kings, Three-Check,
Okay: Atomic, Antichess
Downright awful and can jump in a volcano: Horde, Crazyhouse,

I know only the top vote matters, but just saying.

@runtilmorrow I understand that Horde is awful, but what is wrong with Crazyhouse?

It buffers with the way of thinking with chess. Oh nice, I have to consider everywhere they can drop that knight, or pawn, or queen! Yeah, no crazyhouse. If you do, make it loooooooooooong. If you make it long though, it booooooores me.