🤧Dear @kazamaza dear @rookceps dear everyone from the team.
With tears in my eyes, I understand for the first time why someone is crying for joy.
I am absolutely speechless and just because I am ktp I speak anyway. 👻
This is a huge, or rather overwhelming honor for me!
Yes, I spent many nights diplomatically to smooth the waves when the sea was rough, to support sad people when they thought they were alone and to mediate in case of misunderstandings so that friends are together again.
And many others helped as well, some did a lot more and longer for the team, and all our efforts together result in one cross sum = 😎Kool And The Gang👊
On the KATG board I'm just a little Pawn, maybe looking towards wish having King-Attitude, but still as kingThisPawn completely helpless without all of you the minor and major pieces and other pawns on the board. I'm still not sure if Kazamaza is the king and Rookceps is the queen when I picture them as figures, but for sure both are priceless and the same are all of you, no matter as what kind of piece you are on the board.
😎Kool And The Gang👊 is the name of the unbeaten magic grandmaster who takes care of all of us, in a way that we switch roles and positions all the time to protect each other that all together become invincible.
This award goes to all of us, to everyone who is committed to the team and each of us who is just worthy that we stand up for him. Thank us all!
This family has really enriched my life with a very nice part. Thank you Kazamaza!
I'm so thankfull that you all are a part of it! I hope we will stay friends forever!
With grateful love, KingThisPawn ❤️

Congratulations ktp you really deserve it your a great example for katg.🤗👏👏

@KingThisPawn Now a pawn really got KING, you are the king not only of the moment, ktp, you really deserve it. Although I am not in the interna of the katg leaderboard, i feel your prensence and your overwhelming greatness in cheering, helping, and so forth (mainly and so forth ;-) ) whenever I "see" you in chat. You are a truly kind and supporting person, funny and honest. Wow, Member of the Year, thats what you are! <3

I especially want to thank you for your great words on my birthday (#346), these were very special words, yeah my gf is my queen and i have to learn to put all things in perspective and give her the time which is needed to have a good relationship. Chess is super addictive for me, and life should be "addictive" in a sense that i enjoy it even more than chess chat. I am on my way...

One day, ktp, we will meet in real life, and it will be a great time, cause you are a great person!!! (and i am funny at least)

As this was all time top secret and finally i decided to reveal it to every Katg member. :D Tomorrow i have b-day and in order to celebrate it,i made a quick blitz 3+0 tourney.Starts in 23h.Here is the link:
Everyone is welcome to join :)

Hello gang, after 5 weeks of katg leadership I gave it back to kaza again, because now it's time for myself
to handle some other things, which are urgent and take a lot time from me.
I wont be here often, don't mind it.
I'm not gone forever.

@rookceps thank you for taking care of the team all this time , you are definitely a great leader , we are here for each others no matter what , take the best care and wish you the best <3