This Thread is to announce everything related to KATG plans and news.

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Its been couple of days that we lost a very active and popular member among us due to chat banned @matabichos26 , its sadness us all to hear those kind of news , we KATG will try to help as much as we can in this case , still i deeply urge all our members to stick with our rules and regulations as they created not just as warning but to also to protect us getting involved into these kind of situations. As we know lichess mods are very strict and its very hard to convince them to remove a ban once they do it.. Thus , for the sake of not losing anyone of you as you are all important to this team , again i deeply urge you guys not to break lichess or our rules.

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We are looking for someone to handle our discord server as Mizly the previews member hasn't been active for long time now, so if any of you guys like to do it kindly reply here.
This is the link of our current discord server

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- We have an idea to create KATG Junior Club so If you are KATG member and -15 years Old please register your username and age in KATG Junior Club thread to join in and represent our team to compete with other junior clubs around lichess and to compete for a future KATG Junior Club Championship.

- Link to the KATG Junior Club thread

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On my behalf and all KATG members i would like to welcome @achja to our team, its a pleasure to have you with us , wish you a joyful experience with KATG ^^

Welcome achja nice to have you in the team :)

- I would like to welcome @RingwraithPlaysChess to our team and to announce that he is now the manager of our new Discrod Server as yesterday he was able to take the back the ownership from Mizkal to KATG, thank you for your fast and effective effort wish you a joyful experience with us !

- Kindly post the link and all the required information that we need to know in the new thread that i create it today ( Discord Server )

Thank You ! is the link to the discord! I invite everyone to join it, i'll be seeing if i can do anything to make it easier to use, worth using and a hub for the team outside of Lichess!