So I played over 2 hours of the Antichess Shield. I got tired and over it so I stopped. But my rating went up by 104 points and I maintained a 80% win rate after 20 games and a performance of 2300.

See link above:

Antichess Shield

Final placing:

Place: 12/326
Games played: 35
Win rate: 74%
Berserk rate: 29%
Average opponent: 2014
85 points

Also during this tournament, my rating peaked to 2180 and I almost got a top 50 antichess trophy (as high as 57).

Overall, i performed better than my previous Shield

Impressive CrystalEdge! B-O

I'm sure you'll be in the top50 rank soon.

Congrats, CE!!! Well done. And quite impressive...

My own achievment today morning: cracking exactly 2100 in Lichess puzzles, after 14-6 yesterday and 3-0 today.
First time 2100... some >2200 puzzles achieved on the way
Thanks to the thread "Tools for Improvement" i take it seriousely now and "it clicked"

Now i have to go for a stable 1900 rating in rapid and classical, i mostly play intuitivly and positionally there and dont think too much, with calculating / tactics 1900 shouldn't be too difficult

(if the difficulty stays that high in the forum-mate in 1-puzzles, i will collect them for training purposes)