* Congratulations to @Soltan1800 for winning the weekly rapid with an astonishing stats.

- Performance 2365
Games played 19
Win rate 95%
Berserk rate 100%

- The only game he lost was in a totally winning position , after the tourney finished he said " The only game i lost it was from a totally winning position which is unacceptable ! "
but a really nice reply from our dear friend @kingthispawn " well that makes you a human :) "
inspiring quotes from both sides !
We are proud of you dear soltan and your achievements inspire us all , keep up the good work !

Regards. ( meanwhile im having difficulty finding the mate in on in the CAPTCHA.😂)

A week ago my goal was to get back to 1600 rating, but today I got to 1700 rating in classical! :D The first year of playing chess 1700 rating sounded like a really huge rating for me, but now I got it myself :DDD