Today I just surpassed 2000 in ultrabullet!!!!!!!!
This is awesome!! : DDDDDDD

hai, congratulations! that is a big achievement. i am very proud of you! especially when i see your development over the past few months and not only in ultrabullet. well done, my friend :-)

I got 2300 in ultra and I'm nearly top 50 in that category. And also, congrats to all of you for reaching your goals! :)

Congratulations to @CrystalEdge for achieving the number 11 in the Antichess Shield Arena, a tourney that has included some of llichess strongest players, well done Crys we are so proud of you lifting KATG head high !
keep up the good work .

Congratulations to @schemato for winning the Hourly Rapid Arena, a tourney that held some other masters where FM SChemato was able to defeat them all :D well done FM SChemato best FM in the whole world , keep up the good work !

@CrystalEdge even if you lost some rating points it really doesn't matter at all , you had extremely hard fights there and we care so proud of you and you deserve the congrats for your amazing efforts and fighting spirit ! <3

Thanks for mentioning this @kazamaza, and thanks to you and all other KATG members who cheered for me during the tournament. This always gives me extra motivation. Considering how close this one was, I would probably not have won without you.