Now sit back and enjoy the following achievment:

1) I went to my chess club after long day of work and drank 2 beer. I got drunk (I dont handle beer).
2) I got beaten by a guy twice whose Najdorf variant he showed me a year ago I played.
3) He told me he always played 1. d4 (which I knew).
4) I told him that I also should play 1. d4. (Those who watch me know that I always play 1. e4!!.)
5) He agreed, he knows and I know that I am much better positionally than tactically.
6) Drunken, I promised myself to play 1. d4?! from now on.
7) I got on my tram to my home and got online on mobile.
8) I joined a game vs 1847 and got white.
9) I played 1. d4.
10) I got to the following position. (see below)
11) I left tram and forgot that I played on WLAN.
12) I disconnected and lost game.
13) I was winning with +8.8 or something something, in my first game with 1. d4, against stronger opp. Now thats an achievment!
edit: 14) I like to play the Horwitz Attack against the French and here I saw the Horwitz Defense for the first time in my life, and with d4 I avoid the French too, although I like to retreat... but that is a whole other durnken story

Thanks, orsito!
I needed a strong finish to preserve this thread from the archival wastelands ;)