Even though I did not play the full thing and I only played a handful of games, I think it was a good performance overall.

Played 5
Won 4
Drew 1
Lost 0
Berserk Rate : 20%
Win Rate: 80%
Performance: 2314
Average Opp: 1915

* Congratulations to @Soltan1800 on winning the Classical Shield Arena Jul 12, 2019

- It was a fierce battle between Soltan and IM Zubrr where it went to the last game to decide the winner and it was Soltan who had the final word .

- Congratulations to @Aritrochess for the 7th place ! among one of lichess strongest players around ! Well done Soltan and Artiro for this great achievement , kATG is very proud of you !

- Classical Shield Arena

1. Soltan1800
Performance 2368
Games played 38
Win rate 89%
Berserk rate 100%
Average opponent 1946

7. Aritrochess
Performance 1726
Games played 69
Win rate 36%
Berserk rate 80%
Average opponent 1919

________________Stay kool and keep up the good work everyone____________________


I played well in this French Defense, Tarrasch variation, rapid tournament and managed to win with 11/11 and a well-timed berserk in the last round.

My first chess book was Das Schachspiel (the game of chess) by Siegbert Tarrasch. I like thematic tournaments, because it is a challenge to handle both sides of an opening well. These were my favorite games with White and Black, respectively:

Well played, last time Be7 after Kd2 is more popular to break main lines. And idea to change bishops is very old and clever :)


What was the purpose in first game 22. Rff2? I dont really see it. Stop any possible counterplay on queenside? Or just trade that knight after Nd3 and if black accepts then just start pushing? Basically what happened in game

Thanks @Rakowiec. I learned that line from Morozevich's games.

Yes @nikzal, I was expecting ...Nd3 and was happy to give back the exchange to get rid of Black's only active piece, the knight. If Black doesn't go for that, Rff2 is useful in over-protecting b2 and unpinning my own knight.

4th place at the BC to 12 years old))) (I can still play up to 10)
I forgot about one thing. I am the young judge of the tournaments))) (in real life)
03/16/19 The Ribalkin memory tournament took place. And I had 7 rounds. Victory is beautiful)))
When I went to the kindergarten, I independently learned to read and count. I am an excellent student at school, although I sometimes missed a lot of chess tournaments. I have 1 rank and I am in the rating list of Ukraine.
I have 57 medals, 4 cups and 60 diplomas. I am the vice-champion of Ukraine in the classic game of chess, and the champion of Ukraine in blitz to 10 years. I have been abroad 4 times. For the first time in Romania, and there I took the 12th place among girls under 8 years old at the European Championship. The second time I was in Belarus at the World Championships in fast and lightning chess, where I won 33 in the Blitz and 33 in rapid. For the third time I was in Latvia at the European Championship in Classic Chess, my achievement is 31st. The fourth time I was in Spain, where I took 33rd place in the classic game, and in which 120 players participated.
And 6th place in the European Championship in Ruminii.

@Maryna1 you achieved in your 10 years more i ever did in my whole 39 years old :D
@Schemato thank you for sharing those games and your achievements truly inspiring , congratulation on winning the tourney ahead of the NM with a
Performance 2404

great job Maryna and FM Schemato keep up the good work :D