An achievement for the whole team: We got 1000000+ tournament points with the team! :D

@schittering06 wuhuuuuuuuuuuu thank you for pointing this achievement out , well done everyone and congrats for the 100000000+ team points , keep up the good work everyone <3 ^^

Today i achieved 1701 rating in rapid for the first time ever, it took me years and so much struggling and fights to do it but definitely worth it , im so happy for this and would like to thank everyone who helped me improve that far <3 ^^

@kazamaza #93
Congrats with the 1700+ in Rapid on Lichess ! A joyful milestone after so much time !

Wow kaza congratulations!!! 1700 is a really good rapid rating!!!
Hope u keep improving to be a strong contender in the 1800s soon.