This thread is all about our member achievements in both KATG and Lichess tourneys, such as winning a rapid tourney , a shield , marathon...etc.

Thank you .

congratulations @Unicorn99 for winning the hourly rapid with an astonishing performance of nearly 2300 , well done , KATG is proud of you !

By @samiov
Hello every body today I won my first shield in racing kings I want to give my win to all kool and the gang members and to our great leader kazamaza and great friends braverpawn rookceps sharkema and many more , today not me who won , kool and the gang won the shield the greatest team in lichess , this is the link , and I am E101

Congratulations to @samiov for another brilliant achievement you are really making KATG proud , thank you for your hard work ! and btw its not less important at all, every achievement counts ;)