My draw against a FIDE Master!

Hi all,

I'd thought I'd use this opportunity to share a recent game I played against FM renanreis - a strong, high rated FIDE Master from Brazil - while competing in the Daily Blitz. An in-depth analysis of the game can be seen here (I am playing as the white pieces):

There were many mistakes made and lots of missed opportunities on both sides, although in a 5 minute time control with no increment blunders are almost impossible to avoid. It's worth noting that I sustained a huge number of losses in this tournament due to much tough opposition! Even so, I hope you consider the game to be instructive and if you are seeking general advice on how to improve, do not hesitate to subscribe to my channel:


it was a pity you could mate him at the end good game

Sadly, I could have secured the win if it had not been for the time - I had roughly 0.5 seconds left on my clock to mate him to his 2 minutes! My timings are clearly something to bear in mind for future games, as if I'd played at a quicker pace the game could have been concluded a whole lot sooner. In an increment game, however, things would have turned out quite differently. :P

Anyway, I'm more than happy to settle with a draw, as it's not every day that you come this close to beating players with FIDE titles. I have taken the odd game off IMs before in the 30 second time control, although you can't really class that as chess! This is an example of how to win on time in a completely losing position:

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