Stockfish's "opinion" on balancing horde chess

Aaand i wanted to point out that i used the arrows to think :D I apologize if the arrows confused sombodey.
And most of the time I was sure svenos saw the moves by himself.
It's just a habit of me to use arrows during my thinking process :D

@ubdip You know what I'm thinking...:P

10-game SF vs. svenos match :P? I'll donate some money to improve SF Horde.

@Stubenfisch Cool, thx! Haha yeah I think the new features allow you to hide arrows but IDK how. As I mentioned in the vid I'm not very updated on the new functionalities on lichess :P.

Yes, a human vs. engine match would be interesting. In contrast to crazyhouse humans might still be on top in horde chess.

Here are some new results for the advanced setup with inverted colors, which according to Stockfish is the most balanced of all setups that have been tested so far:

advanced central pawns, horde is black
(scores from the horde's, i.e., black's (!) perspective)
ppp2ppp/pppppppp/pppppppp/pppppppp/1pppppp1/8/PPPPPPPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq - 0 1




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