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  1.  IM Sparklehorse
  2. Forum
  3. XXXV Balaton International Chess Festival 11-19 June 2017


Official Homepage of the Organizer:

World Loser,

You rock man ! Thanks for creating this forum post !

I just arrived in Balatonlelle.

I will keep everyone updated. First round tomorrow 3 pm CEST !

The theme of this event for me will be fighting !

On BBC today there was an article where Marc Zuckerberg said that people who don't take risks have 0% chance of success.

I am taking this to heart. I also read in Mihail Suba's Dynamic Chess Strategy...that players who are afraid of losing will never reach a high level in chess.

This is the time to go for it and create more complexity in my games. Endgame technique must be my last resort !


How it comes that every hungarian chess page isn't loading - you're blocking austrian users :)? yeah austria and hungary does not agree on every topic but zensuring chesspages? :D

good luck!

Good luck!

My GM tournament will begin tomorrow. Today only the open tournament started here in Balatonlelle. Great weather here next to the famous Hungarian lake Balaton.

Looking forward to see you give it your all!! Aggressive chess is the best .. and most fun! Play your game, don't play theirs. Best of Luck!

There seems to be a problem with IM Marc Esserman. He withdrew from FSGM after just 3 games and now we have a 2460 here replaced by a 2270 on the list. NOT GOOD ! FAKE NEWS !

I seriously hope they can find someone to keep the avg over 2400 or so.

Whatever happens i am going to play as tough as i can.

Looks like it will drop to the minimum Category for GM norms and require a score of 7/9 for a GM norm.

7/9 would be a 2600 performance.

Today in round 1 of Balatonlelle i lost against IM Gurevich from USA.

It was a really unfortunate pairing for me. This was the only player in the tournament i knew nothing about and I got black and he was extremely well prepared for my Sicilian.

I really don't know if this guy specifically prepared for me or if he just happened to know the best line for white in the Bd7 Richter Rauzer.

I'm partly to blame for not having researched his games. The pairings were announced right before the round, so there was no time to prepare before the game.

I knew this variation was in deep shit. It's possible i have to just drop the Bd7 Rauzer because this variation is just a situation where I am begging a draw with black with no winning chances.

Here is the link to study i created for my games from this event.

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