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  3. GM Tournament in Budapest April1-12th

I will be playing in the firstsaturday GM (FSGM) norm tournament in April

I'm going to create a study and post the games here on lichess soon !

You can check out results via (look for tournaments in HUN category) and also

Good Luck!

Good luck SparkleHorse

! good luck !

Thanks all for good luck. Saturday round 1 around 3pm CET

Good luck man! Best of luck on the norm front.

There's no luck in chess. Best wishes.

All the best !! looking forward to see the games !

1st round draw vs FM Kozak Adam (2390)

Round 1 result - Draw with white against 15 year old Kozak Adam.

Not really thrilled with my play. First i was concerned not to be worse , then i was slightly better but objectively not enough to win. This round was difficult in the sense that there was no preparation possible. I will link a study with the games here asap.


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