Minnesota GM Norm Tournament

Have I missed something or why is there not a thread about this tournament?

If I understood it correctly, Tang needs 6.5 out of 9 points to achieve a performance rating of more than 2600 and thus his last GM norm. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The first two games were won. So he "only" needs 4.5 points out of the remaining seven games. Good luck!

Thanks for posting this...

2.5 / 3 pts now!

Its two rounds per day for the next few days...

Appears nobody is going to achieve the 6.5 out of 9; looks like it is a tough tournament - 1 round to go and the leaders have 5 / 9.

After the good start with two wins, Andrew won at least against John Burke aka jmb. No norm but with the final +1 Andrew didn't underperform. I don't know when his next chance will be but I wish all the best for our penguin!

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