Atomic WC 2017

The Atomic World Championships 2017 is underway! This is the second year that tipau is organising this tournament. With 44 participants there will be six rounds held in a single elimination bracket. Players face off in a best of 10 format at a 3+2 time control, with each round taking place over a week.

This year's field looks to be strong, with players such as LM onubense, GM Arka50, IM penguingim1 and last year's champion tipau. Watch out for their matches starting from round 2 (6-12 November, although some matches have already been played).

On this blog I'll be providing coverage of each round and analysis of completed matches. I've already looked at 3 matches from Round 1 and more will be added as I catch up.

Enjoy the games!

Round 1 games (bracket top half): --[[ ]]--
Round 1 games (bracket bottom half): --[[ ]]--

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