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  3. FIDE rules of chess (chess is a sport too)

White moves first, followed by Black. The initial position of 1 side is mirrored by the other. The pieces go in this order in variants that are standard and others that have the exact same position but slightly differ in rules:Rook, Knight, Bishop, Queen, King, Bishop, Knight Rook, then 8 pawns directly above (from white's orientation). The King and Queen's positions are reversed from black's orientation. If King is attacked by a opposing piece, he's said to be in check. He must do 1 of three things: (A) Move himself out of check, (B) Block the check with a friendly piece, and (C) Capture the checking piece. You can't do all three in every situation present. He can't make a move that puts him in check. If he can't get away from the check, check turns into checkmate, and that player loses; his/her opponent wins.

Stalemates are when 1 team cannot move at all because their King and other pieces are stuck.

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