Tournament Information and New Date

Hello everyone! It looks like the new date for the rollout of the tournaments will be Sunday, January 13th as I will be busy up until then. Each tournament should be 2 hours and it would be helpful for other people to help me hold tournaments because I may forget or be too busy. If you are interested, please PM me or mention in the forum.

Sunday - Three-check (3+)
Monday - Antichess
Tuesday - Crazyhouse (ZH)
Wednesday - King of the Hill (KOTH)
Thursday - Atomic
Friday - Racing Kings
Saturday - Horde (Morning)
Saturday - Chess960 (Afternoon/Evening)

Please let me know if you would like the schedule changed a bit and I will try to keep you updated. The official name of this team is VARIANTS FEVER so if you are making a tournament please try to include the team name in the title.

Please fill out these two strawpolls for more information:

*All times in GMT to prevent any confusion between times zones.

If there is not enough information to make a judgement, the first tournaments will be 1/2+0.

Hopefully @FischyVishy can find some time in his schedule to do some streaming for the 3+ portion of these tournaments.

Hmm I could record, but streaming will be difficult. Haven't made any effort yet to get the streaming equipment as I've been busy with other stuff :(.

Remove the /r at the end of your poll links so we can answer and not just see the results.

I am most free around 2 am GMT (late evening in east coast of america).

First of all thanks for you effort to organize some 'new' Variant-Tournaments!
For me the best time to play tournaments would be from 8 pm GMT to 12 pm GMT.
I'd like to say tho that 1/2+0 is maybe not the best choice for all of the tournaments. For example 1/2+0 horde is really stupid and not much horde knowledge is needed for this timecontrol. I know tho that many people like 1/2+0, so If the mayority wants that, it's fine for me aswell. :)

Yeah one TC-to-rule-them-all is probably not ideal, but if so, 2 0 is okay (still a bit silly for horde if you ask me though, fast players will trump better players rly often).

Atomic (probably the shortest games in plies with maybe anti and RK) is a lot shorter than horde (prolly the longest, it rarely takes less than 50 moves to win).

Yeah, maybe we could have different time controls for different variants?

I like 2 0 for Horde. But as I said I am open for anything else... :)
Diffrent time controls for difrent variants could be good i think based on the average duration of the game and the favorite TC of the players.