Guidlelines for the First Variants Fever Tournaments (subject to change)

*The official name of this group is Variants Fever so all tournaments should have Variants Fever in them.

I am excited for the first Variants Fever Tournaments. They will start on Monday, January 29th with Antichess. I allowed an extra week so that we can get organized and work out the logistics. The complete schedule can be found here in the first post:

1) Anybody can make the tournaments, as I will not always be available. Just list in this forum.

2) When starting a tournament, registration should be at least one hour long and the tournament itself should be at least 2 hours long. Any tournaments that are not according to the schedule will not count towards the total points.

3) Link the tournaments in this forum so that people can see it if they cannot find it. It is also important to link the tournaments so I can find them and keep score. Tournaments should not have a passcode. Feel free to tag the people you think might be interested as well.

4) Please list your availability to host tournaments at 12:00 GMT (registration must start at 11:00 GMT) and at 23:00 (or 23:30) and registration must start one hour before.

If you have any concerns, questions, comments, suggestion, or anything else please PM me or create a new forum.

Good luck and have fun!

@FischyVishy, It would be appreciated if you could help us creating the tournaments

Please stop tagging me. _I_ don't want to look at this post.

Can these tournaments be more "official"? Or a bit different than just user created tournaments?

Like the Titled Arena, Monthly Tournaments, Revolution Tournaments, etc.

Ok, @AyrtonTwigg thanks, for your input, do you have any ideas?. Maybe "Modernistic Weekly Variants Fever?"

This thread can turn into a place to suggest names.

I'm not interested in atomic and I'm not much available in this period.