Houdini Chess Gang Study 101

In most Chess matches u want to control the center of the board. Unless u know what u r doing giving control of the center to your a opponent. Example a fianchetto is a way to control the center of the board without moving pawns in the middle. Most people do not know this because they think it is a crazy approach to a match. The fianchetto is a great King defense if u don't screw it up. Because if u do I know all to well that it will haunt u in the end game. A Berlin Defense is a great structure for black, but only if planned ahead. The Petrov Defense is a great start to the Berlin Defense and also a great structure. The Best use for the Petrov Defense in which I used it against Sadboi99 The Queen's Gambit declined. I was taught this by my Father do not use your Queen to early and never over use your pawns. And the two most important rules r do not blunder and always have your pieces protected.

or in a Evans Gambit is not a way to control the center, but a way to get rid of blacks pieces in the center. A more likely move is the Scandinavian or Sicilian.

In most games u see me play a fianchetto well it is one of the best ways to develop your minor pieces (Knights and Bishops). Suth007 u have anything to add for the rest that r joining us.

For more go to Chess Basics 101 in the library study.

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