Team Battle vs Isle of Wight

Many of you will know John Wrench of Kidderminster Chess Club, and be aware that he moved to Isle of Wight not too long ago. A provisional date for a team battle against Isle of Wight chess club has been set for next Thursday evening at 1930 hours. Time controls suggested, so far, range from 15mins per player to 30mins per player.

Let me know if you'd like to play and it would also be good to have some discussion on time controls.

OK guys, after taking your suggestions and speaking with John Wrench, we have decided to use 20-10 time control. So 20 minutes for the game and a 10-second increment added per move.

I know Don and Pete have said they're interested in playing. It would be nice to know who else can play so we can have an idea of the team sizes.

I am in (assuming this is still live)

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