Welcome (FVVWC2)

Hello variants enthusiasts!

This team's description should get us started:

"This is the official team for the Variants World Cup. The Variants World Cup is a large tournament whose purpose is to identify the best chess variants player in the world; while some people may be good at one particular variant, this tournament hopes to identify the best overall chess variants player. There will be individual variants sections, of course, but again, the purpose of this tournament is to declare the overall variants expert of the world."

Duration: The world cup will run for 2 months (1 week for each variant), starting on November 5 and ending on December 30.

Variants Included:

King of the Hill
Racing Kings

Tournament Structure:

There will be 6 tournaments for each variant, so there will be 60 tournaments in total. The best 3 results for each variant (so for the 6 tournaments) will count for the overall standings. Note again: the best 3 results! So you can only participate in 3 tournaments or you can participate in all 6 and have your 3 best-scoring results count.

Points Structure:

Each first-place finish is worth 100 points, second place 90, ...10th worth 10 points. That means that the maximum score is 2400 (100 x 3 for each variant x 8 variants).

Prize Structure:

The overall winner of the tournament will win $300, the runner-up $200, and the second runner-up $100. The winner of each individual variant will win $50. Thus, the total prize fund for this tournament will be $1000.

Tournament Schedule:

November 5 – November 11 ||||||||||||| Racing Kings

November 12 – November 18 ||||||||||||| Horde

November 19 – November 25 ||||||||||||| Crazyhouse

November 26 – December 2 ||||||||||||| Three-Checks

December 3 – December 9 ||||||||||||| Antichess

December 10 – December 16 ||||||||||||| Chess960

December 17 – December 23 ||||||||||||| Atomic

December 24 – December 30 ||||||||||||| King of the Hill

The tournaments will take place at 12 PM GMT and 12 AM GMT, but I can change a few tournament times if someone can't make a single one of them. These tournaments will be on Wednesday and during the weekend of each week.

Individual Tournament Structure:

Each tournament will be a 3-hour long 3 + 2 tournament. Berserking IS allowed!

Best of luck, and above all, have fun all!

@FischyVishy Winner 300, Runner up 200, Eight variant winners 50 times 8 is 400, Isn't the total prize fund 900, you say it's 1000.

Eight variants and not 10 compared to last year lol :P Whoops

ah.... I wish 3check started on the 22nd... thanksgiving here in america will give me more time to play.... ill see what i can do

Thanks @FischyVishy - it's a shame that the atomic one falls on a week that I won't be able to play, but I hope it goes well.

Tournament times are bad. What about doing them at 2 PM GMT or 5 PM GMT? Shield and weekly/monthly arenas are happening in these hours and noone have a problem with that.