Hello variants enthusiasts!

This team's description should get us started:

"This is the official team for the Variants World Cup. The Variants World Cup is a large tournament whose purpose is to identify the best chess variants player in the world; while some people may be good at one particular variant, this tournament hopes to identify the best overall chess variants player. There will be individual variants sections, of course, but again, the purpose of this tournament is to declare the overall variants expert of the world."

Duration: The world cup will run for 2 and a half months (1 week for each variant), starting on October 2 and ending on December 11.

Variants Included:

Orthodox Chess (Blitz)
Orthodox Chess (Ultrabullet)
King of the Hill
Racing Kings

Tournament Structure:

There will be 6 tournaments of each variant, so 60 total tournaments. The best 3 results for each variant (so for the 6 tournaments) will count for the overall standings. Note again: the best 3 results! So you can only participate in 3 tournaments or you can participate in all 6 and have your 3 best-scoring results count.

Points Structure:

Each first-place finish is worth 100 points, second place 90, ...10th worth 10 points. That means that the maximum score is 3000 (100 x 3 for each variant x 10 variants).

Prize Structure:

The winner of the tournament will win $500. The winner of each individual variant will win $50. Thus, the total prize fund for this tournament is $1000. Contrary to my crazyhouse tournaments, I will not offer any special prizes for this tournament.

Tournament Schedule:

October 2 – October 8 ||||||||||||| Three-Checks

October 9 – October 15 ||||||||||||| King of the Hill

October 16 – October 22 ||||||||||||| Crazyhouse

October 23 – October 29 ||||||||||||| Atomic

October 30 – November 5 ||||||||||||| Antichess

November 6 – November 12 ||||||||||||| Racing Kings

November 13 – November 19 ||||||||||||| Ultrabullet

November 20 – November 26 ||||||||||||| Chess960

November 27 – December 3 ||||||||||||| Horde

December 4 – December 10 ||||||||||||| Blitz

The tournaments will take place 12 PM GMT and 12 AM GMT, but I can change a few tournament times if someone can't make a single one of them. These tournaments will be on Wednesday and during the weekend of each week.

Individual Tournament Structure:

Each tournament will be a 3-hour long 3 + 2 tournament. Berserking IS allowed!

Best of luck, and above all, have fun all!

:) <3

Any comments guys? I haven't advertised this group yet but some of you have found your way :).

Great, I am very much looking forward to high-level tournaments in all variants. I like the 3+2 time control, although I am afraid it won't apply to the ultrabullet tournaments :).

I think that the dense schedule and the times of the tournaments might influence the result, but that's of course hard to avoid. Maybe the tournaments could be distributed over more different starting times, e.g. something like 6AM/12PM/6PM/12AM, and/or made a bit shorter.

@opperwezen Yes, my mesolimbic pathway is solely activated by chess :P.

@ubdip Hmm, IDK about making the tournaments shorter, but as I said, I'm completely fine with changing the schedule. I mean, I'm hitting different variants communities, and I don't want to hurt individual players. I could add 6 more tournament times if that's what people want (3 at 6 AM and 3 at 6 PM), with only the best 3 counting.

I'm in favor of more tournaments at more times; if your 3 best count, players have a bit more control/choice of at what time they participate.

However, a possible downside is that the participants are too 'spread out' over the tournaments, going to result in less pairings and longer waiting times.

Perhaps the exact number of tournaments is better decided when we have a better view on the number of participants.

Yes, that sounds good. We can always change as we go along :).

Already 37 members and I haven't done any invites...I think this will be big.

I love this idea! Are these going to be lichess tournaments, or will @FischyVishy arrange pairings and 2 players will play ex amount of games against each other? Thanks!

They will be lichess tournaments advertised on the home page!

Note that I said "Berserking IS allowed!" :P.