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  1.  FV Variants World Cup
  2. Forum
  3. FVVWC Overall Standings

Here are the overall standings for the FVVWC:

ok i seen dreamyDIno before i playd him

Updated. peng has a narrow lead over Feeg!

The retardedplatypus123 line has a missing intermediate value, only the total is filled.

@lecw Thank you! Fixed.

It would be very better if we play one tournament every 24 hour, i missed #2 Racing tournament because i needed some sleep!

Anyway it seems to be like just the best 3 results for each player will be counted.

Yes indeed @a_47 , one is not expected to play all 6. More tournaments are scheduled so that players from all timezones can play those which suit their schedules best.

@FischyVishy I've been hearing an update was on the verge of happening ? :p

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