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BEST of lucks to LM @Lance5500 and CM @massimilianoferri in the 2017 Autumn Marathon!!

Good luck LM @Lance5500 and CM @massimilianoferri! I hope you both will get within the top 10! :))

Thank you very much, i think that @Lance5500 will be first of me at the end :D

@lance5500 mi ha massacrato! Alla fine mi servivano i berserk per recuperare un IM che si era preso una pausa, ma mi hanno sorteggiato con tutti i migliori, ho preso la coppa di legno :D

@massimilianoferri hahah :D Hai giocato benissimo!! Complimenti!!

Congratulations, cheers and applauses for LM @Lance5500 for becoming the WINNER of the 2017 Autumn Marathon and to CM @massimilianoferri for arriving 11th!!!

Good luck in your future games!!!

Really well done guys!! You played really well!

@MessyAnswer #83

next marathon:

@Alihene2 He got an excellent rank, but he's not in my Team nor he's one of my followers

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