lichess bughouse petition

also, move suggests for your partner would be nice. and right click to premove when you're expecting a piece to come that hasn't come yet for your partner. i know i'm asking for a lot, but just saying :)

basically, all features that fics has that are good and that doesn't have, would be splendid

I was able to play a few games, that was really impressive for such an early version. really hope you'll keep developing it. i can see a golden age of bughouse if it's ever implemented on lichess. don't really have much to suggest, watch a jannlee bughouse video and copy everything from that interface.

Yes, option to predrop a piece before having it in hand would be nice.

In Thief (an interface for FICS) you have to right click the board and then you can select which piece you want to predrop. I imagine it could be also done by dragging the piece from your hand, alltho the piece is not actually there yet.

Image1: Predrop on FICS

About move suggestion - that was mentioned above - the mechanism is very simple: you just move a piece on your partners board and he/she receives a message about the move.

In exempel, on pictures it looks like this. I suggested Nxf7 on the left board (my partners board).

Image2: My POV *
Image3: Partner's chat
* The red line is my Paint work to highlight the move. It's not shown on Thief.

It also works on the other way, players can warn their partners about opponents' possible moves.

Here my partner told me to watch out Rxg2, he moved opponents rook to capture my bishop.

Image4: Partner's POV *
Image5: My chat notifies me
* Again edited on Paint, red arrow added

Image6: Communation buttons

Most of them are logical, some explanations:
----, it shouts "Don't trade"
++, it shouts "Trade is good"

I'm not sure if the voice system is hard to implement. There's Dimitry's voice app that adds GM Dmitry Komarov's voice to lichess. It's called dmitlichess. So I would guess that some sort of voice system is possible.

I would also guess that most of the experienced online bughouse players like to have the buttons between the boards, like shown on image 4. That is because in the middle, it's easier to make suggestions on your partners board and also use the communication buttons - this way you don't have to move your mouse that much. I'm little worried how this changes the view of interface and if it doesn't look pretty, the buttons could also be on left side of the board or even above the boards maybe.. Also option to players to change the location of buttons would be superb :)


If you want to login on FICS and see how things are done there to get some ideas, I'd love to help you @neravan Just drop me a message. I hope those pictures give some sort of answer.

In addition to MMichael's tips, I would suggest removing the berserking option in arenas.

I suggested that berserking only be possible as a team -- both players on the team must vote to berserk.

@isaacly Fair point about adding complexity and being difficult to maintain, but I think bughouse would be by far the most popular variant here if it were ever implemented.

I don't like berserk concept in bug either, but berserking is fun in 15 sec chess because 8 sec is the best time control. is there any way to make a time control of 1/8th of a minute so that players don't have to berserk in 15 sec chess? :P