Scheduling Forum December 2020 Tournament


Greetings All,

We are nearing the end of the August 2020 tournament - as I write I think we have just four games left to complete - it's ok to go past the end date (22nd August) but I think play those out before starting any games in our next tournament.

So, I would like to know who is keen on taking part in another one of these - I will schedule this one to finish 22nd December

Again, aiming for about nine players or so

I have five players who have expressed an interest on a waiting list - but of course I'd like to go with who we have first!

So - please, if you are interested - just send a confirmation message here - and in about a week or so, I will fill up with new players if we have to

Hope everyone will want to continue (or rejoin from before)!

all the best for now


oh yes - and if you have friend who plays here on lichess and who is about 2000+ classical - but much more importantly, someone who is keen on fairplay, and will commit to playing (and enjoying!) their games - then please put me in touch with them and we can perhaps add them

Yes, count me in. Best long time control tournament atm !

sounds great, count me in please! thanks for organizing!

Thanks for including me in the list, but I think I will sit this one out as I'm a bit busy. Cheers.

Hi everyone, count me in for the next tournament. Very much looking forward!