Scheduling forum August 2020 tournament


Looking at who wants to confirm to play the next tournament - scheduled to finish 22nd August

Myself, Jim and Jason have already said they are in. Jordan is sitting the next one out.

I have two new players who have expressed an interest; pascalg and rodeo.

Please, if you could let me know by replying to this thread in the next week or so if you are interested - and then I will start putting things together

All the best,

@mronemore Hi, I will be sitting the next one out as I break off as much as possible for summer. I will be interested if you do one after though over the winter.

Thanks for setting these up and organising them.

Cheers, John.

@mronemore Count me in please, thank you! But I do not want to use this account anymore, which is linked to my live video on youtube. Could you please invite me as "god666" instead? Thank you!

I'm in for next season! And working to finish my games for this season ASAP... To that end I currently have availability Monday from 1900UTC onward

(sorry, didn't realize this was a separate thread, I hate this Lichess forum system. I'll post that latter part in the other thread...)

I have a friend who is intetested to join. He plays in my OTB club. His first name is Hugo and his lichess name is clarxel66. He will get in touch with you @mronemore


Hi All,

Nearly ready to start our next tournament - we have three new players to welcome - Pascal (pascalg), Hugo (clarxel66) and rodeo - just waiting on confirmation from these three.
That means we will be nine players again, so eight games to play - aiming to finish 22 Aug.

Also, just to say that we have one last, crucial game to be played in our last tournament - Jason plays John, and a win would make Jason a co-champ with Laurent - congrats Laurent!! - so a lot to play for!

Ok - I will set things up and put pairings on the spreadsheet once the other players confirm

All the best and hope all are well.


Good morning all,

I am happy to join this group.
I am a fairly active Swiss player on lichess, in particular for organizing tournaments for the Payerne chess club (

Will this tournament be of Round-robin type?


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