English Chess Players - Rating Limited Events

Would team members like to see a regular rating limited tournament in addition to the current schedule of Open Tournaments.

If so would a weekly Under 1600 or Under 1700 event work best or shall we go for a different limit.

We could look at varying formats and time controls.

As with other club tournaments these would be ECF online rated.

Yes this would be wonderful as some low rated players (like me ) would have a better chance to be on the podium which will encourage them to play more in these tournaments than before. And you would be playing people your rating which will make it fairer.

Does the ECF run tournaments at classical time controls either on Lichess or ?


If you can get the numbers work great. I always feel a bit intimidated being kicked off the board by those in a league or two above me. On the other hand, if they don't mind playing against me, I don't mind playing against them (though I may feel I have to resign a little earlier than normal).

To keep these ECF rated is a good idea.

By the way, has anyone ever pondered the idea of playing with rating obscured, so that we don't know the rating of our opponent?

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