A Chess League

I'm sure the loss of league chess will not be a blow for me alone. I have set up a team here for Halesowen Chess Club and I think members from other clubs should all do the same. There's no reason we cannot continue online in some form or another. I have the feeling that now the leagues are closed, people will have no choice but to come here for their fix.

While the teams organise, we can play team battles etc and later maybe even evolve into a league.

I have set up a video conferencing chess club for Saturday evenings to play blitz, and have a pub quiz and a few beers. Contact me for details.

I was asked to provide more details. It is a local club, with 6 people playing each week. We use ZOOM for the video conferencing and banter and use LICHESS for casual blitz. ZOOM is very stable and works on all platforms. Distance is no object if people want to visit one Saturday.

Hi Steve - The ECF is compiling a list of online clubs on the web site here. - If you can let us have the club name we will add it to the list. I think a lot of clubs are using one or two lichess Arena tournaments to support their club nights - and Zoom or Skype seems like a great idea so you can connect with your opponent via audio or video. Some of the leagues are also about to go online with a schedule of fixtures - particulalry in the Midlands but I think it will be happening all over soon enough.

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